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H20 Interface with Windows software


StatLink for Windows with interface


This is a PC/Windows based solution that connects to the heat pump using an interface.
Features includes flexible real-time visualization of all operations, reporting features, and remote control settings using the included StatLink software.

View the product descriptoni for StatLink or download the user manual for more information ragarding the software

Functional overview

  • Animated, editable process views showing heat pump temperatures and status in real-time.
  • Info display showing heat pump regulating parameters. (for seleted heat pumps)
  • Graphical presentations of heat curve settings with animated tracking funktion. (for selected heat pumps)
  • Shows content on the controllers lcd display (selected models) and remote control display (only Rego 6xx).
  • Function to generate and shedule reports to be sent by mail.
  • Build graphical reports to analyze operations.
  • Log data to any file format with setable intervals. For example dayly log to CSV file or HTML for web page
  • Store data to ODBC connected database. For example MySQL, MS SQL orMS Access database.
  • Languege support: English and Swedish are standard but it is easy to make you own language files. 


As an add on service is the Husdata online anable you to analyze, get notifications and visualize the heat pump over the internet.


Included interface require a free USB port in your Windows based computer. The cable to heatpump is about 2 meters long and the USB cabla is 70cm.

Please note which heat pump you have when ordering so you ge the correct interface.

Please review our compatibility list to validate that your heat pump i supported



Display Interface Controller HP make Connector
H10 Rego 6xx
Ver 2.24 and later
IVT, Bosch, Carrier

H12 Rego 4xx IVT, Bosch, Carrier Kantkort
H15 Rego 2000 IVT, Bosch Teleplugg
H1-C1 IVT Rego 1000, Greenline HE H1-C1 Rego 1000 IVT, Bosch, Carrier Ingen
H11 Rego 800 IVT Optima & Premiumline X H11 Rego 800 IVT, Bosch, Carrier Stiftkontakt
H1-N Nibe F1145 / F1245 / F750 H1-N EB100 NIBE, Jämä Ingen
H18 Styr 2002 NIBE, Jämä RJ-45
H14 90510 Thermia, Danfoss 4-pin mini



  • A Computer with Windows operating system
  • Internet connection to download StatLink form our portal.
  • An avalable USB port for the interface


Se our video about StatLink


E-post: info(A)husdata.se, Adress: Norra Pitholmsvägen 14, 941 46 Piteå SWEDEN Tel. 08-52500782