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H1-N Nibe F1145 / F1245 / F750



For new NIBE heat pumps.

Here you have the solution that enable you to plug in your NIBE heat pump to the computer and communicate with it.
You read temperatures , statuses , and settings giving you complete overview of heat pump and its operation.

The product works to water heat pumps with control computer EB 100 ( Color Screen).
Contact Husdata if you are unsure and as usual , you have full right of return and money back if you are not satisfied .

Models that are supported
Geothermal heat pumps of model F1145 and F1245 and similar of other brands.

The delivery includes a galvanically isolated, microcontroller -based interface with upgradeable firmware. This interface separates the heat pump electrically from your computer which reduces the risk of that problems on your computer, wiring, mains, etc. . compromise the heat pump . The interface has an LED indicator that shows the communication status and thus facilitates troubleshooting. Note that this solution can not be used in conjunction with NIBE 's accessories MODBUS 40 or RMU -40.


Installation Guide


Also included are the windows software StatLink, which has real-time displays of the operation, statistics and report functions and scheduler that can be set to send automated reports via email, update your own website, databases or excel reports.


Read more about StatLink here.







System demands

-A computer with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8. (Low CPU / Memory requirements)
-One available serial port. USB to Serial Port adapter available for purchase in the webshop if you have no serial port on your computer.
-The cable between the interface and the computer can be extended using a standard 4 wire telephone cable up to 50 meters.



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