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H50, online solution with with no computer requirement


Now, it is finally here!

Husdata's online solution for heat pumps, which require no software installation or requirements that a computer must be turned on.

Just plug in the equipment to the Network and the heat pump.
Turn the power on and within minutes you are online at Husdata.se and will acces the following features.

  •   Real-time image of your heat pump operating temperatures, pumps, compressors, electric additional heat, valve positions.
  •   Historical reports with minute resolution showing trends, operating times, etc..
  •   Table Reports with historical summed operating times and operating costs and mean, maximum and minimum temperature.
  •   Set up so you get email or SMS at any threshold levels, eg at the pump alarm or when the temperature level is reached.
  •   Configure automatic operations / cost summary reports that are sent to you daily via email
  •   Compare your heat pump operation with other users, exchange messages and help each other to optimize.
  •   Change settings via the Internet on your heat pump, for example when the temp or heat curve (some models).

This product is suitable for those who want maximum simplicity and reliability. For those who instead wish to connect the heat pump directly to your computer, be independent of our online solution and instead use our Windows software StatLink we recommend that you explore our other products.

The purchase includes one year subscription for Husdata online. After that it costs 300kr/year if you want to remain connected.

The product is currently supporting these heat pumps...

  •   Rego6xx based ground source heat pumps from 2003 and foreward. Ex. IVT Greenline C / E / HT
  •   Rego800 based ground source and Liquid/air heat pumps. Ex. OPTIMA-290/AW IVT, IVT Premium Line X.
      (Not possible to set values ​​on older models.)
  •   Rego1000 based ground source heat pumps. Ex IVT Greenline HE / HC / HA, Premium Line EQ.
  •   Rego400 based heat pumps, for example, the IVT 490. (Can not set values)
  •   NIBE EB100, latest generation ground source heat pumps from NIBE with the color display. E.g., F1245, F1145.
      Solution will not work together with NIBE's accesories MODBUS-40 or RMU-40
  •   NIBE STYR2002, ground source heat pumps from. Ex. Fighter 1245, 1145.


Enter your heat pump model and version when ordering!

Technical information

Delivered is a internet gateway based on the Linux-based, power efficient, credit card-sized computer Raspberry PI. Software on the computer updates itself automatically when Husdata expands capabilities. Integrated in the same unit is also Husdatas advanced H1 interface that acts as an interface to the heat pump.

The equipment requires you to have wired network connection near the heat pump. If you dont have this and you can not pull a cable from your router it usually works fine with an adapter for the transmission of network traffic via the mains. Such can be found in most computer stores. This product requires that your router automatically assign an IP address (DHCP) and that you have wired internet access. No openings in the firewall is required.

If you only have the option to use wireless internet (wifi), we have USB network adapter accessory for 200kr. But we recommend primarily wired networks for maximum reliability.




E-post: info(A)husdata.se, Adress: Norra Pitholmsvägen 14, 941 46 Piteå SWEDEN Tel. 08-52500782