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H12 for IVT 490, 495


This is a solution to connect the heatpump to the PC.
This product will give the the ability to log all the heat sensors and statuses. See product description for StatLink or download the manual for more information about what functionality is included in the software.

As an additional service there is also an Online Account that allows you to monitor your heat directly and historically over the Internet and put up alarm via email and SMS.

Included in the H10 package ...

  •     Interface H10 with H12 adaptor.
  •     Software StatLink where free upgrades included, downloadable from the website.
  •     User's manual with instructions to follow interface and StatLink.
  •     Personal accounts of husdata.se to log in and download software, manuals, etc..
  •     One month try out account on Husdata Online
  •     Support for Getting Started

The product works on the following models:


  • IVT 490
  • IVT 495 Twin
  • Autoterm Ventimax 190
  • Autoterm Duo Max


Not sure if it works with your heat pump? Pleas contact us at Husdata.



The interface included provides a galvanically isolated interface between your pump and computer. The insulation secure that the computer and the heat pump control system is electrically separated so that eventual potential differences that may arise caused by lightning or earth fault does not damage the electronics.

A serial port and a USB port (for power supply) is required on your computer for this interface that connects easily to a connector at the heat pumps control computer. Cable is about 2 meters but can easily be extended by up to 30 meters with standard telephone cable.





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