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Our products is verified to work with the following models.

If you miss you model on the list, please contact us. There might be a solution.

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  Ground sourcen/aH10
 Autoterm 30x/40xGround sourceRego 600 2.26-H10H50
 Autoterm 30x/40x MaxGround sourceRego 634H10H50
 Autoterm Terra MaxGround sourceRego 638H10H50
 Bosch [Annan, Other]??
 Bosch Compress EHP LW/MGround sourceRego 1000, ProControl 500H1-C1H50
 Bosch EHP A/WAir / WaterRego 800H11H50
 Bosch EHP EWExhaust airRego 400 Ver 2.5-H12H50
 Bosch EHP LWGround sourceRego 600H10H50
 Buderus Logatherm WPLAir / WaterLogamatic HMC
 Buderus Logatherm WPSGround sourceLogamatic HMCH1-C1H50
 Buderus WPS KGround sourceRego 637H10H50
 Carrier 290 A/WAir / WaterRego 800H11H50
 Carrier 30NQGround sourceRego 600 2.26-H10H50
 Carrier 30NQ-HeatGround sourceRego 600 2.26-H10H50
 Carrier 30NQ2EAExhaust airRego 400H12H50
 Carrier New Heat 60Ground sourceRego 600H10H50
 CTC EcoAir 400Air / Water
 CTC EcoHeat 300Ground source
 CTC EcoHeat 400Ground source
 Danfoss DHP-AAir / Water901 510H14H50
 Danfoss DHP-HGround source901 510H14H50
 Danfoss DHP-LGround source901 510H14H50
 IVT [Annan, Other]??
 IVT 490Exhaust airRego 400 Ver 2.5-H12H50
 IVT AirAir / WaterRego 800H50
 IVT Air XAir / WaterRego 2000H1-EH50
 IVT Geo 312CGround SourceRego 2000H1-EH50
 IVT Greenline Ground sourceRego 600 2.26-H10H50
 IVT Greenline +Ground sourceRego 638H10H50
 IVT Greenline HE/HC/HAGround sourceRego 1000H1-C1H50
 IVT Greenline HTGround sourceRego 634/638NH10H50
 IVT Greenline HT+Ground sourceRego 637H10H50
 IVT IVTGround sourcen/aH10
 IVT OptimaAir / WaterRego 603H10H50
 IVT Optima - 290 A/WAir / WaterRego 800H11H50
 IVT Premiumline A PlusAir / WaterRego 1000H1-C1
 IVT Premiumline EQGround sourceRego 1000H1-C1H50
 IVT Premiumline HQGround SourceRego 1000H1-C1H50
 IVT Premiumline XGround sourceRego 800H11H50
 IVT Vent 202Exhaust airRego 2000H1-EH50
 Jämä Star RSTGround sourceEB100H1-NH50
 Junkers STE Ground source
 Junkers Supraeco STM/STEGround sourceSEC 10H1-C1H50
 Junkers TEGround sourceRego 600H10H50
 Junkers TMGround sourceRego 600H10H50
 NIBE [Annan, Other]??
 NIBE F1126Ground sourceEB100H1-NH50
 NIBE F1145Ground sourceEB100H1-NH50
 NIBE F1226Ground sourceEB100H1-NH50
 NIBE F1235Ground sourceEB100H1-NH50
 NIBE F1245Ground sourceEB100H1-NH50
 NIBE F2026Air / Water
 NIBE F750Exhaust airEB100H1-NH50
 NIBE Fighter 11/1250Ground source inverterStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1130Ground sourceStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1135Ground sourceStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1140Ground sourceStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1150Ground sourceStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1230Ground sourceStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1235Ground sourceStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1240Ground sourceStyr 2002H18H50
 NIBE Fighter 1245Ground sourceStyr 2002H18
 NIBE Fighter 1330/40Ground sourceStyr 2002
 NIBE Fighter 2010Air / Water
 NIBE Fighter 360PExhaust airStyr 2002H18H50
 Thermia [Annan, Other]??
 Thermia AtecAir / Water?
 Thermia AtriaExhaust air901510 / 901910H14H50
 Thermia Atria OptimumExhaust air901510 / 901910H14
 Thermia DiplomatGround source901510 / 901910H14H50
 Thermia Diplomat OptimumGround source901510 / 901910H14H50
 Thermia Diplomat Optimum G2Ground source901510 / 901910H14
 Thermia Duo, Duo OptimumGround source901510 / 901910H14
 Thermia OptimumGround source901510 / 901910H14H50
 Thermia RobustGround source
 Thermia VillaGround source901510 / 901910H14H50
 Thermia Villa ClassicGround source901353H15H50
 Viessmann VitocalGround sourceVitotronic
 Worchester GreenstoreGround sourceRego 637H10H50

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