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H60 Universal Wireless Gateway


H60 Wireless gateway



The H60 is a user-friendly, upgradeable platform that provides wireless communication to heat pumps via open interfaces. H60 works against Husdata online, Home automation, has an open API and built-in web interface. It has upgradable firmware and our ambition is to build successively with expanded support and features around home automation.


H60 can be used with or without a Husdata online subscription. When you install the unit, you get a try-out offer for Husdata Online and then decide for yourself whether you want to use the service or not.
Husdata online allows you to monitor and control your heat pump via mobile and the computer with alarm functions, etc.


The H60 consists of a base unit and an interface cable that is specific to the heat pump model it is connected to. The cable has an interface that connects to the Base Unit on one side and to the heat pump on the other. There are currently 8 different cables according to the table below. Specify which heat pump you have when ordering so you get the right cable.

Is H60 the right soludtion for you and your requirements?

I want to be notified of fault, analyze the oprations and remote control my heat pump and the solution must be easy to install and manage.

H60 together with Husdata Online subscription gives you all these features with minimel effort. The installation complexity can be compared to install a home broadband router. You will be able to monitor your heat pump operations and change temperature setting from anyware using your smartphone or a computer.

I want to be able to monitor operations and remote control my heatpump but not to be dependent on any online service.

H60 has a built in web interface where you can monitor heat pump sensors and statuses. You can alse adjust heat pump settings. To make H60 accessible from the internet you will need to have the knowledge to open up the router and setup dynamic DNS or use fixed IP. This is something you have to manage you rself as Husdata cannot support configuration of home networks and internet provider differences.

I have Home assistant, HASSIO, Homey, Homer, OpenHAB, Domoticz or other home automations / smart home solution. I want to integrate it with my heatpump so I can view data, perform actions on heat pump data and change hetating settings.

H60 is a Iot (Internet of Things) solution for heat pumps. H60 has support for the commonly used integration interfaces and protocols such as MQTT, Modbus TCP and RastAPP, to support a broad range of smart home products. We have installation examples for Home Assistant and MQTT. H60 also support wired serial communications and is compatible with the Arduino development tools.



Display Cable Controller HP Brand Connector
00 Rego 6xx IVT, Bosch, Carrier D-sub
05 Rego 4xx IVT, Bosch, Carrier Edge
10 Rego 2000 IVT, Bosch Phono
H1-C1 IVT Rego 1000, Greenline HE 30 Rego 1000 IVT, Bosch, Carrier None
H11 Rego 800 IVT Optima & Premiumline X 35 Rego 800 IVT, Bosch, Carrier 4-pin
H1-N Nibe F1145 / F1245 / F750 40 EB100 NIBE, Jämä None
50 Styr 2002 NIBE, Jämä RJ-45
60 90510 Thermia, Danfoss 4-Pin mini
65 Genesis Thermia None




You need internet in the property with strong WiFi signal close to the heat pump. Test if you have strong signal using your smartphone. It should indicate at least the second highest signal output. If you do not have a good WiFi signal at the heat pump, we recommend that you install an extender / amplifier. Check this with your local computer retailer.

Cables 05 and 60 require a wall outlet near VP when external power is required. (USB micro connector)

You will need a Smartphone or Computer with WiFi to install and test the installation.
Also an email account is required to receive H60 login details, etc.


Overview of features and functions

  • Network Wifi 2.4Ghz 802.11b / g / n, IP via DHCP or Fixed
  • Built-in Web portal for monitoring, remote control, H60 config, firmware updates and support. You can set port, password and disable the web server.
  • MQTT Client: Works e.g. against Home Assistant. Selectable port, username and password. Optional to activate HP setting via MQTT.
  • Modbus TCP Server (Slave): Works e.g. against Home Assistant and other systems that support Modbus TCP. Selectable port.
  • Husdata online: Fully compatible with Husdata Online's cloud service for VP analysis, monitoring and remote control.
  • API REST / Json API to read VP data. Integration against any system. Can be disabled.
  • Support for Athom Homey. Use our App to change indoor temp, view and log temperatures and statuses. Build flows and take actions on heat pump events.
  • Computer connection USB interface for serial data communication for any application.
  • Support: Customer can enable remote access if they need support from Husdata. Integrated ticket form in web portal. H60 can email customer in case of problems or for info.

Read the users manual for detailed information


Watch a video on how you install the H60


Video about H60 - Home Assistant integration (has sub titles in English)


E-post: info(A)husdata.se, Adress: Norra Pitholmsvägen 14, 941 46 Piteå SWEDEN Tel. 08-52500782