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H31 Online account for 24 months.

Husdata Online Service Provides easily and instantly your heat pump operations on the Web.

The idea behind the online service is that you and other heat pump owners in an easy way can make your operating information public and thus be able to help each other for optimal optimisation. As all reports are common, it is easy to compare operational data between each other and it becomes possible to detect abnormalities that indicate scope for optimization.

The Logbook function allows you to comment on other users as well as others can comment on yours and because there are many eyes on your operational data, chances are that if the deviations, you will receive tips and feedback that can help you to optimize your system.

If you want to try out the online features, request the 1 month free activation. Get in touch via the contact form. (This can only do this once)

Description of functions.

Stored information
Your heat pump operating data will be uploaded at frequent intervals to Husdatas databases for storage.
Recharging takes place via the Internet (Broadband or GPRS).
High-resolution information stored at 2 minute intervals and remained for the last 7 days.
The statistics are averaged, summed, and also stored in 1 hour intervals for storing at least a year.

Graphical reports
The service has a few default views that are there when you open a new account but you can build your own reports to develop and combine data as it suits you. This makes Husdata extremely flexible and can be customized so that you get your unique information portal to your purpose. Reports can be presented in graphical diagram or in tabular form.

Current operational status
The portals "Pulse" function, you can see an animated current status, processvy of your heating system.

Alarms and messages via Email and SMS
You can set thresholds for temperature sensors, and other items that should not pass. If this occurs, you can choose to have this information sent via email or SMS. Tex. if your computer loses contact with Husdata, heat alarm or turn on the indoor temperature is too low, you may notice.

The logbook
The logbook is a kind of "VP-blog" where you can make notes on changes in the settings, services, or anything that may affect how the system works. Do you want to you can enable others to comment in your logbook and it will help if people see strange things with your operating data that you have missed.

Click here for an example of how it might look like. Click on top to change views.
Click here for a list of all public users.

Your heat pump online Mobile
Besides husdatas regular information portal is a simplified mini version that is suitable for your mobile with small screens.
Examples of how this looks, click here.

See others, link to own website.
You can choose how much of your service information to be personal and visible to the public.
Its easy to link in Husdata info to other sites. Tex. from your own site.
Here is an example of what can be done.

What do you do to get started.
(Example IVT Greenline with REGO 600 control computer.)
The first Purchase an Access Package which interface and Windows software StatLink included.
The second Get active for this online service by paying a abonemangsavgift.
The third Disconnect the interface between your heat pump and the computer as instructed.
The fourth Register your account information in StatLinks profile settings and start StatLink program.
The fifth Log in to husdata.se and see how your statistics are emerging.

What you do NOT need to do ...
- No physical installation of sensors
- No own web server, web hosting, database or website is required.
- No scripts, grammars ..

To use the service you need ...

A computer running StatLink. Low hardware requirements on the computer. Pentium 166, Win98 and later is ok.
You need Broadband / Fast Internet connection.
Data will then continuously sent up the online system Husdata.se
Very low bandwidth requirements. 0.1Mb ​​/ s is sufficient.
If you do not have broadband and only the sign temporarily, you can use an internet enabled GPRS mobile phone. Husdata sends about 60k an hour.


E-post: info(A)husdata.se, Adress: Norra Pitholmsvägen 14, 941 46 Piteå SWEDEN Tel. 08-52500782