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The “Alarms” function enables you to receive an push notification, mail or SMS when a configured threshold has been  reached. All Husdata online variables for the pump can be configured to trig an event when it goes above or below the configured threshold.

Message types

An email will be sent on trigged or restored alarm. Please specify email adresses.
If multiple email addresses, separate them by comma.


An SMS will be sent on trigged or restored alarm. Please specify phone number starting with country code. For example +46 for Sweden. Max 5 SMS per week can be sent per user.

Simplepush (Push Notifications)
This option will send push notifications to your smartphone at trigged event.
Start by installing the app “Simplepush” on your smartphone. (Available for IPhone and Android)
Start it up and notice the 6 characters personal key you got generated.  
Enter the Key to the email address field in Husdata Online.
In settings you can also add an Event so the notification sound can be customized.
EventID is “Husdata Online”
Note that Simplepush only allow 10 notifications per month if you dont purchase a subscription for a small fee.






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