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Thermia Genesis Installation

Interface install instructions for Thermia Calibra, Atlas and Diplomat Inverter with Genesis touch screen controller.

For certain models (older) there is a requirement that the indoor sensor kit is installed so that the needed connector terminals are available.


  1. Make sure the interface card is plugged into the H66 main unit as instructed in the H66 manual.
  2. Power down the heat pump and open the front cover
  3. Connect the H66 interface cables as follows:
    • Locate the 8 way terminal where the Indoor sensor cable is connected. See picture 1
    • Or for newer pumps, locate the green built in 3-way terminal with text BMS / MBe. See picture 2
  4. Connect cables:  White: 5 (or D+), Green: 6 (or D-)
  5. Power up the heat pump and connect the 5v power adaptor to the H66.
  6. In the display settings, activate BMS.
    • Modbus mode: RTU
    • Address: 1
    • Baudrate: 19200
    • Parity : Even
    • Stop bits: 1

  7. Finalize the H66 installation according to its manual and verify that your heat pump does not alarm and works as normal.

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