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MQTT Specification

Server Connection 

At H60 startup, it will try to connect to the MQTT Broker (server).
If connection failed, it will retry to connect every minute for ten minutes.
After ten minutes, it will retry once per hour instead. This is to avoid repeated lockup of other communication during failed connection tries.

H60 Publising topic structure

The data sent out from H60 is of format: <macaddress_of_h60>/HP/<index of sensor>
If only one H60 is connected to the MQTT server the wildcard + could be used instead of the mac address: +/HP/0001
Example format of topics published:

H60 Subsribing to topic

For H66 to receive data making changes in heat pump, it is listening to topics in the following format:
<mac address of H66>/HP/SET/<index>

So to set a value to 2204(example) use follwing topic:
cc50e12344ccdf/HP/SET/2204 with value of the setting 

The CMD Topic

Additionally H66 is subscribing on the CMD topic enabling to perform various actions.

Send data “STATUS” to the CMD topic to have H66 to publish current status. For example: Uptime, Wifi signal strength, etc.

Send data “GETALL” to the CMD topic to request H66 to publish an update on all heat pump data.

Send data “RESET” to the CMD topic to Restart H66.

Example to request status, Send: “841d1t82daf0/HP/CMD” with data: “STATUS”
Response example:

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