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Notifier (H66 only)

The Notifier is a function that enables H66 to send you a push notification or an mail when a configured threshold has been  reached. H66 variables for the pump can be configured to trig an event when it goes above, below or is equal to the configured threshold.

Setup Email
The mail address used is configured in the “EMAIL” setting.

Setup Push Notifications
Install the app “Simplepush” on your smartphone
Start it and Purchase the one year subscription (small fee)
Enter settings. Select “Manage Keys”, Select “Add”…
Enter the H66 mac address (found in the H66 startup email or its main web page). Use none-capital letters only when typing in. 
In settings you can also add an Event so the notification sound can be customized.
EventID=NAME setting in H66 (Default is “Husdata H66”)









Notifications general configuration

To enable, set Notifier=1 in settings. Then select [manage] to enter the configuration page.

The notifications will have a Trigged or Restored heading.
“H66 Notification trigged: Alarm is is equal to 1.00 (1.00)” = Alarm has trigged
“H66 Notification restored: Alarm is is equal to (0.00)” =
 Alarm has been restored to normal
“H66 Notification trigged: Indoor is below 15.00 (12.50)” =  Indoor temp is now 12.5c, below set 15c

Explanation of the configuration example below:

  1. If Radiator Return temp goes above 30c, Send Mail
  2. If Warm Water goes below 35c, Send Mail
  3. If Additional Electric Heater is activated more that 50%, Send Mail
  4. If pump Alarm is equal to 1 (active), Send Mail
  5. If Indoor temp is lower than 15c, Send Mail
  6. If temp outside is below -15c, Send Mail



The availability of the Husdata mail service is not guaranteed. Note also that Spam filtes, Blacklistings and various blocking services can stop mails to be received.


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