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Settings explanation

SettingDescriptionDefault value
NAMEThe name of your device. For example “My Thermia”. Visible when accessing web interface.Husdata H60
WIFI_SSIDYour home router network key. Case sensitive. Must be filled in.<blank>
WIFI_PASSYour home router password. Case sensitive. Must be filled in.<blank>
EMAIL Enter your email address, so that so that H60 can email information and alerts. Set blank if you dont want to get any notification mails.YourName@gmail.com
INT_TYPE (H66)Manually set connected Interface. Normally automatic sensing.Auto
DHCP_ENABSet to 0 to use fixed IP Address instead of automatic DHCP address.1
FIXED_IPOnly used if DHCP_ENAB is set to 0. The IP of H60.
FIXED_SUB Only used if DHCP_ENAB is set to 0. The fixed subnet mask
FIXED_GW Only used if DHCP_ENAB is set to 0. Fixed gateway IP
FIXED_DNS Only used if DHCP_ENAB is set to 0. Fixed DNS server IP85.11.1.111
NTP_SERVER Enter NTP time server other than default if needed. pool.ntp.org
HD_ONLINE Set to 0 to disable H60 to communicate with the Husdata online system.1
TIME_ADJAdjust clock hour for timezone0
WEB_PASSPassword for the H60 web pages. Leave blank to disable password access.<blank>
WEB_PORTChange the port for the H60 web server. Set to 0 to disable web interface.80
MQTT_PORTSet the port for the MQTT broker which usually is 1883. Set to 0 to disble MQTT.0
MQTT_SRVREnter the MQTT broker web or IP address where H60 should connect homeassistant
MQTT_USERThe username to login to broker <blank>
MQTT_PASSThe password to login to broker<blank>
MQTT_SUBSIf set to 1, the H60 will SUBscribe to changes made in the heat pump. For ex. Indoor temp.0
MQTT_PUBALLTime in minutes betwwen re-publish all data. 0=Off, only publish when value change.20
MQTT_DISCOVEnable publication of all registers used by Home Assistant for auto discovery. 0=off, 1=On, 2=On persistent.0
MQTT_PREFIXSet text to show before the value in Home Assistant for Discovery. For example “HP_”.<blank>
REM_SUPPORTEnter a number agreed with Husdata to open up for remote assistant of your H60.<blank>
DAILY_RESETSet to 1 to restart H60 every night. Not needed but provides extra security if H60 is in an unreachable location.
API_ENABLEDEnable the REST/Json API interface0
MODBUS_PORTEnter the port where the Modbus TCP Client connects. Set to 0 to disable. 502 is the standard port.0
WH_URLURL to Webhook service. Example: http://maker.ifttt.com…<blank>
WH_DATAThe IDX’s to be posted to Webhook service. Separate multiple IDX’s with comma. Format xxxx,yyyy. For example 0001&2201.<blank>
SKIN (H66)Select colour scheme off web interface.GREY
SCHEDULER (H66)Enable the scheduler, set it up using link in bottom of page.0
EXP_MODE (H66)For accessory, not in use for now.0
ROOM_CTRL (H66, R1000)For Rego 1000 only, Room Controller emulation 0

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